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SCOA 2017 American Summer Camp Registration begins April 30, 2017

Come join us at the only American Summer Camp in Japan whose camp counselors are American college athletes and cheerleaders selected through SCOA's internship program to come to Japan! This summer’s camp counselors attend Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and Arizona. Their sports backgrounds include gymnastics, track, softball, soccer, swimming, rowing, football and basketball.

In addition to cheer dance and sports such as flag football, soccer, basketball, kickball and ultimate Frisbee, campers participate in American camp activities with the American camp counselors such as team competitions, potato sack races, water balloon toss, skits, talents shows, treasure hunts, capture the flag, campfire and s'mores!

This is SCOA's thirteenth annual summer camp.

To register in English, please send an email to

For more information, please contact J.R. Best at:

2017 Camp Sessions


Ohito Zuisnekyo Izu-no-kuni City, Shizuoka

  • Session1: July 21-July 23 / 2--nights, 3-days
  • Session2: July 23-July 26 / 3-nights, 4-days
  • Session3 : July 27-July 30 1 / 3-nights, 4-days * also Survivor junior high program
  • Session4 : July 30-Aug 1 / 2-nights, 3-days * also Survivor junior high program
  • Session5: Aug 2-Aug 4 / 2-nights, 3-days

Registration Fee

Two night sessions (1st to 6th grades) - ¥47,500
Two night sessions (junior high) - ¥49,500

Three night sessions (1st to 6th grades) - ¥59,500
Three night sessions (junior high) - ¥62,500

(Tax & T-shirt included)


KEEP(Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project), Kiyosato, Yamanashi

  • Session6: Aug 6-Aug 8 / 2-nights, 3-days
  • Session7: Aug 8-Aug 11 / 3-nights, 4-days
  • Session8: Aug 12-14 / 2-nights, 3-days
  • Session9: Aug 14-17 / 3-nights, 4-days

Registration Fee

Two-night sessions (1st to 6th grades) - ¥54,500
Scouts – special two-night sessions (Session 8) for 1st & 2nd graders - ¥62,000
Three-night session (1st to 6th grades) - ¥68,500
Three-night session (Survivor junior high) - ¥72,500

(Tax & T-shirt included)

Camper Grades for each camp session:
1st & 2nd graders – sessions 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9
3rd and 4th graders – sessions 1 to 9
5th and 6th graders – sessions 2 to 9
Junior High - Survivor sessions 3,4 and 7

Campers may arrive by car, train or, for a fee, by a bus chartered by SCOA from Ikebukuro.

Contact Information

  • 080-4448-9584 *MON-FRI:10AM-3PM(Closed:Weekends & national holidays)


Survivor Junior High Program

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