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7月1日以降にご入金された方は、上部Newsletter IndexよりVol.1、Vol.2をご覧ください。

Newsletters are distributed to those who have already paid. If your payment was made after July 1, please check the following link for "Newsletter Index:Vol.1,Vol.2"

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1) 緊急時の連絡先について
2) 先日お知らせした集合・解散時間場所
3) キャンプ中の過ごし方
4) 持ち物リスト
5) 当日ご記入の上ご持参頂きたい「健康保険証添付票」



次回Newsletter は7月15日前後に配信されます。

We have created a page called “Hey Campers!” on our website.

The page contains the following information.

1) Emergency Contact during Camp:
2) Drop-off/Pick up Time and Locations
3) Daily Schedule – Please click; it is written in English
4) What to Bring to SCOA Camp
5) Copy of Health Insurance Card

If you do not reside in Japan and do not have a Japanese insurance card, please attach a copy of your travel insurance policy. This sheet will also be used to identify where each camper will be picked up. Please make sure to write the name of the session you are attending and circle the appropriate option.

Newsletter #4 will be sent out around July 15.

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